How-To: Properly Moisturizing Your Body

How-To: Properly Moisturizing Your Body

No matter what time of the year it is, our skin needs one big thing: moisture! In the summer, the heat causes moisture to evaporate off and out of our skin. In the winter, heated air and the cold can do the same. But did you know that many people aren’t using their moisturizing products in the best way? You can get a lot more hydration for your skin with just a few tweaks to your face and body care routine.

How Often Should You Moisturize?

You should be adding hydration to your skin every day, all over. Your face, limbs, and entire body all need moisture every day. However, when, specifically, you do that, or how much, depends on the part of the body.

For example, faces can be moisturized with a light, daily lotion twice per day – once in the morning and once at night. You may need more frequent applications if you have very dry skin, but this twice-daily routine should be everyone’s minimum. The best type of product for facial care is something that is light and has ingredients that help tighten and tone the skin to prevent premature aging. One of our favorite products is Lighten Up! from Rutz.

Pay Special Attention to Hands and Feet

Another part of your body that can use twice daily moisture is the hands and feet. These areas get very dry because they are most often exposed to the air. If you are looking for something to prevent signs of aging, look for something with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps the skin hold water better, so it stays supple and youthful.

The Rest of the Body

For the rest of your body, the best time to moisturize is right after you get out of a shower or bath. Any time your skin is slightly damp, you should pat the skin till it doesn’t have water on the surface, and then apply your favorite body care product. You can use body lotions, body butters, body oils, and many other options, depending on what your skin needs. A basic lotion that is quickly absorbed may be better for the morning before you get dressed, while oil or a thick body butter may be better for night time when you have time to allow your body to soak up the moisture.

Don’t Forget Other Areas of the Body

There are many areas of the body that are often overlooked when doing body care. Hair and lips should frequently be moisturized. Be sure to do a scan of your entire body every time you put on a moisturizer and give all of your skin and hair some attention.