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Soma Naturals was born from an observation. Our founder, Chris, observed over the course of many years the challenges his daughter had finding quality skincare products that didn't contain harmful ingredients while also being reasonably priced. Many of the all natural products they did manage to find didn’t deliver on the promises they made, and several ended up not being truly all natural at all, they merely claimed clean ingredients - those were disappointing!

Chris also observed that a few of the products that she did manage to find that performed well didn't come from the big name brands one would expect, but from smaller boutique brands that they just so happen to stumble upon. The indie brands they found not only worked great but they were also reasonably priced and contained the ingredients they claimed - what a concept! So after a lot more searching to find similar success, it became clear that there wasn't a single place one could go to in order to find these smaller niche brands (We call them hidden gems) that offered clean all natural products that were reasonably priced and performed. Cue light bulb - and the concept for Soma Naturals started to became a reality with the goal of building the authoritative source where one could find the best boutique brands to fill this gap in the beauty industry.

It wasn’t enough for us to simply launch a platform and start selling beauty products, this after all has been done at nauseam. We wanted the brand to represent our ethos and advocate a clean and healthy lifestyle, be authentic, never hold back on creativity, and most importantly of all reinforce our strong belief that everyone is flawless just as they are. We believe our name SOMA naturals [pronounced Sō-MA, which is derived from the Greek word meaning 'body'] represents our ethos and serves to guide our brand. To ensure we stay true to our mission, we:

  • Search far and wide to bring our customers the most innovative boutique beauty brands
  • Fully vet any new brand we partner with to ensure they meet our rigorous standards; if its on our site you can rest assured it’s a solid brand
  • Provide a unique lifestyle experience to help those who shop with us stay #Absolutely_Flawless


We have no interest in the status quo, its just not in our D&A, so we constantly look to infuse creativity in everything we do. From our content to the experience on our site, we want those who visit us to see a different point of view and feel good about interacting with us. We're sticklers for ultimate quality so we have fully come to terms with the fact that things will never be good enough and our pursuit will be ongoing. Our brand partners keep impressing us everyday via their passion and it's infectious. Our customers are already flawless and we simply serve to help keep that going!


1. Serve those who interact with us passionately - go beyond every single time

2. Always be authentic in everything we do

3. Never settle for ordinary; don’t hold back

4. Stay committed to building something outstanding - be proud

5. Be humble, stay hungry

6. Never forget 1 -5