Keeping Your Skin Clear During Your Favorite Outdoor Workout

Keeping Your Skin Clear During Your Favorite Outdoor Workout

Hiking, biking, running, kayaking--whatever type of outdoor recreation you choose, it may not always align with your beauty routine. After all, when you’re in a gorgeous outdoor setting, sweating away with the sun beating down, clear, hydrated, and beautiful skin isn’t likely the first thing on your mind!

Luckily, there are simple tips and easy-to-find products for maintaining your beauty goals during your favorite outdoor workout. With a bit of mindfulness and a few clean beauty tricks, you can enjoy the great outdoors and keep up your clear, healthy skin.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Possibly the most important step in your clean beauty routine prior to heading outside is sunscreen. It’s crucial to apply a top-quality sunscreen before being in the sun for any length of time in order to prevent skin cancer, early signs of aging, and the darkening of scars and discoloration.

Always apply sunscreen at least a half hour before heading outside, and reapply every two hours that you’re in the sun. Consider a moisturizer or foundation with SPF to easily introduce sunscreen into your morning routine.

Tip: Be sure to also apply a lip balm with SPF! Your lips are exposed to the sun and need protection just like the rest of your body.

Combat Clogged Pores Throughout Your Workout

When you’re exercising outdoors in the summer months, the heat will open up your pores, making it easier for dirt, oil, and bacteria to get trapped in them and for pimples to form. You can combat breakouts and keep your skin glowing all throughout the summer months by using a natural, pore-cleansing solution to keep sweat from sitting on your skin too long and flowing into your pores.

Midway through your workout, or perhaps after the most physically taxing section of it, refresh your skin with a swipe of a pore-clearing astringent, such as witch hazel, or a spritz of the Teadora Anti Pollution Facial Mist. Hours after your workout, you’ll be relieved to see that your pores are clear and clog-free! No matter how much you sweat, your skincare goals can stay intact with just a bit of mindfulness and simple, clean beauty products.

Give Your Skin Some Post-Workout Love

After sweating it out in the sun, your skin deserves special attention. Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin with a gentle, all-natural cleanser. Don’t wait too long to wash your face after working out; the longer sweat sits on your skin, the more likely clogged pores become.

After a nice, thorough wash, revitalize your skin with a moisturizer. Always look for a moisturizer with natural ingredients to ensure that your skin recovers from sun exposure. After a long workout in the sun, we particularly recommend the French Girl Organics Facial Moisturizer. The organic aloe and chamomile extracts will soothe the skin and minimize any redness or irritation.

After any workout, your tired body needs rest and recovery. Massage out those tired muscles and moisturize your skin at the same time with the help of an all-natural body butter. Messinian Spa offers a selection of body butters made from lovely ingredients including pure organic olive oil, aloe, shea and cacao butter. A long outdoor exercise session is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and help your body relax.

When it comes to working out, you can’t beat the fun of heading outside and basking in the sun. But, enjoying Mother Nature’s gifts also means that you have to pay close attention to your skin. These clean beauty tips and products can be easily incorporated into your routine to keep your skin beautiful throughout your next run, hike, bike ride, or kayaking trip.