Nurturing Nature's Bounty


At Soma Naturals, our journey begins on small, organically grown farms in the United States & abroad. Guided by generations of farming wisdom, every herb we use is cultivated using ethical labor practices and green, ecologically friendly organic farming methods. Every plant is nurtured with care, ensuring the highest quality and purity.


Dedicated farmers hand-harvest each herb at its peak potency, harnessing centuries of knowledge and a deep connection to the land. With meticulous attention to detail, they carefully gather the herbs, preserving their natural essence and ensuring optimal potency for our extracts.


We combine traditional wisdom with modern precision. Our herbs undergo a sterile medical-grade manufacturing process, guided by laboratory certifications. This ensures the purity, consistency, and potency of our extracts, allowing us to harness the full potential of nature's gifts.


From medical-grade storage to our meticulous shipping procedures, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Each product is packaged with the utmost care to maintain its integrity throughout its journey to your door. Rest assured, our commitment to the absolute safest and highest quality product extends from the planting of the herbs to the moment they arrive in your hands.


Experience Soma Naturals' difference. Our superior herbal extracts are meticulously crafted and lab-tested for purity. No mystique or hype—authentic solutions for professionals. Engineered for peak performance, our potent isolates deliver results. Unlock your potential with Soma Naturals.

Why Choose Soma Naturals?

At Soma Naturals, we are committed to delivering herbal extracts of the highest quality, and our comprehensive approach extends from ingredient sourcing to the moment our products reach your hands. Our dedication to quality sets us apart in the industry, ensuring you receive pure, potent, and safe herbal extracts.

Manufacturing Excellence

100% Compliant: We are FDA OTC registered, NSF GMP certified, and use certified organic ingredients. Our commitment to quality extends to being non-GMO and gluten-free.

Allergen and Pesticide Testing: We conduct extensive testing to ensure our products are free from allergens and pesticides, offering you peace of mind.

100% Testing: We test 100% of the ingredients that we use, ensuring product integrity.

Scientific Evaluation: We use an in-house microlab and conduct a battery of tests, including FTIR, GC, HP-TLC, HPLC, ICP-MS, microscopy, microbiological testing, organoleptics, titration, and UV-VIS, guarantee the purity and potency of our extracts.

Farm Fresh: We foster close relationships with organic farmers and trained wild harvesters worldwide to secure the freshest botanicals at their peak potency.

3PL Excellence

FDA Registered: Our shipping partner holds a Certificate of FDA Registration, ensuring your products receive special care, tracking, and monitoring when required.

cGMP Compliant: Our shipping partner follows Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, ensuring safe and proper storage and shipping of various products, including dietary supplements, vitamins, natural healthcare products, and health and beauty products.

Quality Assurance: Our shipping partner's cGMP warehouses maintain pristine conditions, uses the FIFO (first in, first out) approach, fulfill orders promptly, employ cutting-edge technology, and avoid direct product handling to prevent contamination.

By choosing Soma Naturals, you're selecting a brand dedicated to your well-being, with a commitment to quality that spans the entire journey from ingredient selection to your receipt of our premium herbal extracts. Discover the Soma Naturals difference today.